Apply for our Early Childhood School Program

Apply to Join our School Family in Four Simple Steps:

First step


First, check out the list of qualifiers to see if your family qualifies for our program.

Second Step


Then, click the link to fill out our online application.

Third step


Next, our Admissions Specialist will schedule an Interview with you.

Fourth Step

Get Notified

Finally, you’ll be added to a waitlist and contacted when a spot opens. 



You may qualify for our program if your family or child can say ‘yes’ to any of the following:



Click the link below to fill out an online application for our program. If you already have a child enrolled in our program, have previously filled out an application, or need other help with the application process, please email



Once your application has been submitted and you’ve sent your qualifying documentation (this could be foster placement paperwork, TANF paperwork, etc.), our Admissions Specialist will schedule an interview with you to verify your information and make sure your family meets our program’s requirements.

Fourth STEP

Get Notified

After your interview, our Admissions Specialist will verify that your family qualifies for our program. If you do, you’ll be placed on a waitlist and contacted by one of our schools once a spot becomes available! 


The waitlist is organized on a point system; each school has its own waitlist. The list changes daily as new children are added. The best way to get updates on your child's position is to call the school directly and speak to the Director of Family Services. School contact information can be found here. 

Tulsa Educare is a year-round program with mixed-age group classrooms, so we don't have a typical enrollment season like a public school; we fill spaces as children leave or age out of the program. Spaces for children can become available at any time.

After submitting your application, you should receive an email with instructions. If you haven't received it yet, check your spam folder, or send your documents to

Please submit your most recent 1040 tax returns or W2. If you do not have these documents, the Admissions Specialist will work with you to send an employee letter or self-declaration letter. 

If you have foster care placement paperwork, submit that, guardianship paperwork, power of attorney, or a notarized letter from the child's biological parent. 

Nope! We only need your child's immunization record to verify their name and date of birth. 

Feel free to stop by any of our schools, and we'll help you complete an application using one of our computers. At this time, we only have electronic applications. 

Applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Please allow up to two weeks for our Admissions Specialist to contact you. Sending your documents electronically can speed this up. 

If you need help completing your application, need to check the status of a current application, or have other questions, please email, or call 918-508-2253 to speak to our Admissions Specialist. 

If you’ve completed an application in the past or already have a child enrolled in our program, you’ll need to reach out to our Admissions Specialist to complete a new application.