Our vision is a world where a young child’s family income, race, and adverse experiences do not predict life success.


Transforming the lives of very young children and their families.

At Tulsa Educare, we take pride in providing joyful hands-on learning experiences in our indoor and outdoor learning areas. We encourage children to wonder, theorize, and investigate.

We create collaborative relationships with families, helping children feel pride in themselves while appreciating the differences in others. We advocate for fairness and fight to ensure children feel like they belong in our schools and their communities.

We provide a supportive environment where children feel safe, confident, listened to, and motivated to learn.

From Small Beginnings Come Great Things

What Makes Tulsa Educare Different?

Tulsa Educare ensures high-quality learning by following guidelines set forth by the Office of Early Head Start, and the Oklahoma Early Childhood Program (OECP).  Each of our schools meets the five-star rating under the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Quality Rating and Improvement System and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Tulsa Educare collaborates with families as partners in the learning of their children. Families are provided resources to support their efforts to nurture their child's potential and meet their children's hopes, dreams, and goals. Tulsa Educare regularly shares child progress with families and supports the families in increasing their knowledge of child development and expectations for school readiness.  We also devote spaces at each school for family-related activities, including a parent resource library and parent training.

Tulsa Educare uses Creative Curriculum that focuses on problem-solving, language and literacy, social-emotional development, early math, and physical development to promote school readiness. Children learn through in-depth, hands-on studies of topics of interest with the guidance and encouragement of their teachers.

Tulsa Educare also practices Conscious Discipline, an evidence-based and trauma-informed social-emotional learning program focusing on safety, connection, and problem-solving while building an inclusive School Family.

At Tulsa Educare, children stay with the same teachers from birth to age three, then move to Preschool with new teachers from the ages three to five. Our Classrooms have low teacher-to-child ratios to support the development of solid relationships and individualized instruction.

Our ratios are three teachers with eight children in Infant/Toddler rooms and three teachers with seventeen children in Preschool rooms.

One of our core values is inclusiveness, meaning that we welcome multiple, diverse perspectives since it is a moral responsibility and it will make us better. We respect differing viewpoints.

In commitment to inclusiveness, we proudly aspire to create an anti-biased, inclusive community of learners where through quality care and innovative approaches to early childhood education, children are empowered to dream and reach their fullest potential. We envision a world where a young child's family income, race, and adverse experiences do not predict life success.  

Our Schools

Each of our four schools is rated five stars by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Quality Rating and Improvement System, accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and is designed with 16 classrooms that currently welcome up to 164 children and their families into our School Family. The schools include warm common areas and spaces for professional development, consultations and collaboration, family events, and child assessment and screening. 

NAEYC Accredited

NAYEC Accreditation ensures that our schools meet NAEYC’s 10 standards for high-quality early childhood education.

5 Star Rating by OKDHS QRIS

All four of our Tulsa Educare schools are five-star rated by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services' Quality Rating and Improvement System.

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